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Weekly Announcements

Practices:  Start 8/19

*Activity/Late Bus leaves CMS at 5:45 Monday-Friday.  All athletes remaining after practices at 5:45 must board the bus.  Bus drops athletes off at their normal bus stop.

*If a runner needs to miss practice for any reason I need some form of communication from a parent/guardian (e-mail, text, voicemail, note, etc.) 

2019 XC Schedule 

(Last update 8/7/2019) (Dates and times subject to change)  

Info about the meets will be added as they are received.

This is a dual meet between ourselves and Highland in which parents are invited to run as well.

 Communication & Understanding:

The key to every positive & productive relationship.  We will communicate all information in the following ways, but it is up to ALL to make sure there is understanding:

We believe that the best form of communication that ensures understanding is face to face.  We feel that there was better communication & understanding before there were cell phones and the internet.  This is why it is important to attend the parent meeting and seek out coaches during pick-up, practices, or meets.  Creating a positive working relationship is important to us.    

Because of weather and unforeseen construction issues, the track season schedules frequently see last minute changes.  We do not sit on information or wait until the last minute to inform parents or athletes. We do the best we can with what is given.  If you have questions about anything, please feel free to contact us anytime in the following methods.    

1. Face to face with athletes and parents whom seek us out in meets or practice.  All athletes need to know what is coming up and what is going on at all times. At the very least, they need to know how and where to find the answers to the questions they/you have.

2. Our website (, Google Classroom, and the REMIND APP.  At the beginning of each week we will write and send/post the upcoming weeks events and info that we will go over with the athletes.  Any emergency changes will also be delivered to all three methods as well as athletes using their phones to text/call you with their phones, school's phone, or mine.



Parent Responsibilities:

1.  Ask questions of your athletes and be informed of what is going on.  

2.  Pick up from practices and meets in a reasonable amount of time.  Have plans B and C in place when "life" happens.  We are all busy and have families.  We understand this.  We don't understand why you didn't know there was a meet or why you are shopping at Walmart when we have been waiting for 30 minutes.

3.  Encourage your athletes in a positive way.  This is most of what we are doing as well.  We want them to stick with the sport and get back up again when they fall or feel discouraged.  High school is the great equalizer.  JV runners in middle school can be Varsity runners in high school.  But that only happens when they stick with their sport. 

4.  Respect us enough, if something happens, to discuss it in a calm and rational way.  We do the best we can everyday and strive for perfection while being imperfect.  I'll own my mistakes and learn from them.  However, if we need mediation with the school principal I can set that up as well.  Any dispute that cannot be resolved between the coach and parent starts there.

5. Have fun.  Being a small part of our athletes' success is why we are involved in coaching and teaching.       

6. Physical Form (Filled out by a doctor and returned asap) *Runners will not be able to participate until all three forms are turned in.    

Athlete Selection & Dismissal:

Anyone willing to run makes the team at any time of the season.  We want to recruit and help develop as many athletes who are going to continue their training and education at the high school as we can.  Physically, middle school students are constantly changing and we want to encourage and support every athletes' dreams as best we can.


Grades & Behavior:

The Athletic Codes of Conduct provides the scope and sequence of how this happens.  If this were to happen to a student athlete, it will not happen without communication, explanation, or understanding between coaches, parents, and administration.  

Please know that we want everyone to do their best and be at their best.  If you have dreams of competing at the high school, we have to have academic and behavioral standards.  This means passing your classes and and avoiding behavioral issues. 

Attendance for practices and meets are mandatory.  **Exceptions are made for athletes currently participating in other sports or through verbal or written parental contact (Phone call, email from parent, or face to face conversation for confirmation and understanding). 

1st offense - warning 

2nd offense - 1-week suspension

3rd offense - dismissal 


***That being said...we are flexible with other sports and life’s obligations.  Anymore, sports overlap each other and family obligations are real. I would rather be flexible and have our top athletes competing for CMS than prevent them.  We just need to know what is going on so we can plan, prepare, and figure it out. So please, write a note and sign it, call, email, talk to us at practices or meets.  We just need to know.    


Three Rules for Practice, Bus, and Meets. (Please click here for an example) 

Respect Yourself (By conducting yourself appropriately and doing the right thing)

Respect Others (By treating everyone, including other teams, with respect)

Respect Property (By treating wherever we are as it were your home)


1st offense - warning 

2nd offense - 1-week suspension

3rd offense - dismissal 

We expect and trust that you will represent the Collinsville Community in a positive way.  This means saying please and thank you to volunteers, other coaches, and officials. Picking up our trash from meets, the bus, and sometimes others’ trash who do not.  We want others to see us and think….”Wow!” We want them to say, “I’m impressed with the student-athletes of Collinsville Middle School”. Respect has a lasting impact on others.  This is our expectation of you and ourselves. 


Parent Pick-Up

Pick up from practices and after meets at CMS in a reasonable amount of time.  Have plans B and C in place when "life" happens. We are all busy and have families, and cars that can break.  We understand this. We don't understand why you didn't know there was a meet or why you are shopping at Walmart when we have been waiting for 30 minutes.

Please click for Parent Pick-up Pack if you need one.

Directly From Meets

Sign the sign-out sheet from the coach or bus driver if taking your student-athlete home directly from a meet.  This is very important. Meets are hectic and busy and it will be difficult, but you need to find the coach or team bus to sign your child out.  We like our jobs and want to ensure everyone gets home.


Generally, most meets follow the following format:

 7 Varsity runners for each gender are selected based on the fastest times from the previous meet.

The State varsity meet selection is the only exception.  I have to send in a roster 2-3 weeks prior to the meet date.  I will select the fastest average times from the 3 most recent meets closest to the due date.          

Cancellations of Practices/Meets:


Race Day Suggestions

Keep it simple.  Eat a good lunch and maybe a light snack on the bus if famished before the race.  Better to race a little hungry than on a full belly.  

Keeping this in mind, cross country runners NEED food after the race.  Our cafeteria is able to organize sack meals consisting of a sub-sandwich (3 meat, cheese, lettuce, ranch), bag of chips, baby carrots, cookie, juice box for $2.80.  Please inform me if you would like me to order these for your runner.  If not, please send some food with them to eat after their race.

Running Shoes:  

Any type of trail-running shoe would be ideal.  All of our meets are on grass and "trail" shoes will provide some more traction.  If you cannot find trail shoes, road shoes will work as well.  For those who wish to have shoes designed specifically for cross-country click here for some examples.   Note: Some meets may or may not allow metal spikes.  The State race does not.

Please think about donating running shoes that are in decent condition.  Many students do not have adequate foot-ware.  Those donated will be cleaned and offered to cross country team members and students throughout the year who are in need of shoes.

Pain & Injury Management: 

Students who are not use to running on a regular basis will experience muscle soreness.  This kind of pain is part of running.  Stretching and massage will help.  Those who develop ankle, hip, knee, and foot pain may need to ice at home, especially if a runner twists an ankle or knee.  Possible causes of joint and foot pain that are not a result of injury may be:

During the school day, we do have a school nurse that your runner can consult if desired.  Otherwise, please consult your family physician for any immediate/obvious issue.


Search for Cross Country Scholarships

If your runner has asthma, please discuss with me about severity and maybe keeping a backup inhaler at school in case they forget theirs.      









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